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Prep Like a Boss for your Headshot Session 2020


" Top Tips for your Headshot Session in 2020" One of the first things that people say to me when they walk through my door is that they hate their photo being taken. So I thought I'd compile a few tips to help you feel super confident even before you step [...]

Prep Like a Boss for your Headshot Session 20202020-01-21T13:19:44+00:00

Looks for 2018: Headshot Style: Zara


" Headshot Fashion Tips: Spring 2018, Zara Style" So this time I thought I'd see what Zara had up it's sleeve.  I found all of the tops in Zara's "Woman" section on their website. This blouse caught my eye.  The little detail around the neckline in the soft fabric could work [...]

Looks for 2018: Headshot Style: Zara2018-02-19T09:36:11+00:00

Latest Looks for your Headshot 2018


" Headshot Fashion Tips Spring 2018" With Spring well and truly on the way and with the new fashion collections in the shops, I thought I'd do a bit of window shopping to see what one of our most well known high street fashion retailers  (Marks and Spencers) had to offer [...]

Latest Looks for your Headshot 20182018-02-08T18:06:09+00:00

What to wear for your Headshot session (Part 2)


" More from our Stylist" "Make Sure Your Photo Looks Like you" I think the other point about matching your energy is make sure your photo looks like you.  Personally I've had photos taking of me and actually I've thought that actually doesn't look like me.  I've thought that's not my expression.  [...]

What to wear for your Headshot session (Part 2)2018-01-23T08:05:18+00:00

What to wear for your Headshot session (Part 1)


" Ask a Stylist" I had the pleasure to spend a morning chatting with Jane Cook from "Dress Rehearsal  about her career in colour.    Jane is fundamentally all about transformation for women that manifested itself initially in colour and personal style.  In it's essence.... "What to Wear".  Jane knows from personal [...]

What to wear for your Headshot session (Part 1)2018-01-18T09:15:45+00:00

How to choose the right Linkedin photo


"Tips for choosing the right Linkedin profile photo" Over the years as a commercial photographer I've watched how marketing ourselves and our businesses has changed over the years.  Linkedin has become such an important platform for most of us too.  Whether you're looking for a job, advertising your skills to employer or [...]

How to choose the right Linkedin photo2018-01-08T15:40:58+00:00

Photographer’s Workflow Tips


" How Tech Is Affecting My Work Flow" So as a photographer, the thing I've always found a bit tricky is blogging.   It's getting  my process out of my head and either onto a computer screen or onto paper so that I can share it, basically, how I get my process into [...]

Photographer’s Workflow Tips2017-05-11T11:00:05+01:00

Skincare Hacks for The Headshot


" Ask a Skincare Expert" As a headshot photographer, I'm asked quite a lot about how to get yourself and your skin looking and feeling  in tip top shape for a headshot session.  As well as feeling great about yourself there are some very practical things you can do to help your [...]

Skincare Hacks for The Headshot2017-05-11T10:43:17+01:00
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